Collective monograph publishing step by step

Stage I

  1. Prepare the manuscript according to the requirements of the publisher.
  2. Submit your manuscript in .doc and .pdf format as available.
  3. Write a letter of permission for the manuscript review.
  4. Fill in and submit the cover letter.
  5. Add the review from your reviewer.

Attention! Be sure to inform the reviewer that you are planning to publish the chapter of the collective monograph, which will be indexed by world resources, including Scopus, and he/she will be indicated in the monograph as reviewers.

Stage II

  1. After receiving your manuscript, the initial editorial work is carried out.
  2. After the initial revision of your manuscript chapter of the collective monograph by the editors for compliance with the specified topic and uniqueness, you will receive a confirmation letter and offer to sign a License Agreement.
  3. Your manuscript chapter of the collective monograph will be reviewed according to the system of "double blind review" (in addition to the review you provided).

Please note that the review is aimed at improving your manuscript chapter of the collective monograph so that it has significant weight in the scientific community and is understandable to a wide range of readers. In turn, the publishing house pays special attention to preserve all information that comes to the publishing house and has not yet been published. The basic principles that govern the publishing house, set out in the policy on the website.

The publisher charges a fee for editorial services, which is credited to the general account in case of a positive decision to publish based on the recommendation of the reviewer.
The fee for editorial services is not refundable in the following cases:
- negative decision of the reviewers to publish the manuscript of the chapter of collective monograph;
- refusal of the author (authors) to revise the manuscript of the chapter of collective monograph aimed at improving the content of the manuscript, but only if there are specific comments on the scientific content.
In general, the reviewers' comments are of a recommendatory nature.

Stage III

  1. After the publisher decides to publish, based on the opinion of the reviewer/reviewers, you sign a Publishing Agreement with the Publisher.
  2. Receive an invoice from the publisher and pay for it.

Stage IV

Further, you will find close and fruitful cooperation with the editors:

  1. Technical editing of the manuscript according to international requirements.
  2. The monograph will be translated into English or verified by professional translators.
  3. Joint editing with the layout and typesetting editor.

Stage V

  1. At this stage, the final approval of the manuscript chapter of the collective monograph takes place. We ask you to send an e-mail that the manuscript is approved and ready for publication.
  2. Your chapter of the collective monograph will be published in PDF format on the platform of the PC TECHNOLOGY CENTER publishing house and will begin its life in the scientific world by placing it in the world indexing resources.

If you and I have successfully passed all these steps, your chapter of the collective monograph will be seen by the whole world, it will have its own DOI (the complete edition will have ISBN (on-line)) and indexed by the most prestigious world resources, including Scopus.
At your request, we will produce your monograph in a printed version of a given circulation with the provision of ISBN (print).

Suggest that you download the Checklist of documents accompanying the manuscript in a separate file.