Frequently asked questions

Why it is necessary a monograph in Scopus?

The publication of a monograph on a resource indexed by the Scopus scientometric database provides a number of advantages, listed below:

• A monograph, indexed by Scopus, is a known high-quality product as a scientific business card of a scientist on the world stage.

• Potential increase in the Hirsch index. If your monograph is included in the Scopus database, it will increase the visibility of your monograph many times over, opening up the possibility of access to the metadata of your monograph to a multimillion audience around the world. This means a significant increase in the chances of active citation of your monograph by Scopus users, that is, an increase in the Scopus h-index and, as a result, your ranking positions.

• A scientist with Scopus-indexed monographs is more likely to receive research grants.

• An institution where a scientist with monographs indexed by Scopus works also rises in the ranking of universities, which gives more chances to receive funds from the state or foreign scientific foundations, from donors, to replenish or update scientific and technical support, to develop libraries, and also on the publication of research at the expense of the institution.

• A scientist with a high h-index in Scopus and having systematic scientific papers published in the format of monographs indexed by Scopus is more often invited to act as an expert or take part in an international project.


How will the monograph be displayed in the scientist profile in Scopus? How will this increase the scientist's rating?

In the scientist profile in Scopus, publications are displayed according to the metadata provided by the publisher. Our Publishing House submits monographs as "Book" and will be displayed in the profile the same way.

The increase in rating is based on the number of citations of your work and depends on its scientific quality. We, as a Publisher, represent it in various world resources, including the most prestigious ones, in particular Scopus.


Can the monograph be republished in Scopus?

It all depends on the Publisher and his policy regarding scientific novelty and the principles of selection of manuscripts. Our publishing house accepts manuscripts of monographs that have not been published before.


Can I publish a thesis disguised as a monograph?

You can present a monograph published here, already indexed by Scopus, as a thesis for defense, if it meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. But the thesis cannot be submitted as a monograph, since a monograph is a scientific work that has its own novelty: new tasks are posed, new theories and concepts are put forward, new research is carried out and new solutions to problems are found. You can use your thesis to highlight your research subject from a different perspective.


What will be the quartile of the monograph?

CiteScore (Quartiles and Rank) is an indicator of citation reflection only for journals, conference proceedings. Thus, monographs are outside the CiteScore, do not have quartiles, and are not ranked as journals.


What is the citation index of the publisher?

The citation index is a numerical indicator of the citation of a scientific journal or a specific author, but not the publisher as a whole.


How long will it take for the monograph to appear in Scopus?

From the day of publication of the monograph until the moment when the publication appears in the author's profile in Scopus, it can take from 3 to 6 months. The Publisher has no way to influence this process.


Does the copyright remain with the authors of the monograph and for how many years?

By publishing his monograph with us, the author retains the copyright.

The period of validity of copyright corresponds to the period of validity of property rights, in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.


Can the sponsor pay for the publication of the monograph and who will own the rights in this case?

Yes, the sponsor of your research can pay for the publication of your monograph.

Copyright is reserved by the authors, unless other obligations are signed between the authors and the sponsor.


Can we advertise in our monograph?

Possibility, conditions and subject of advertising in the monograph are negotiated individually.


If they want to buy my monograph, who will be the seller and who will receive the income?

The publishing house publishes monographs on the Open Access principle (in open access). If your monograph is published in closed access and our Publishing House receives requests to purchase a printed copy or full text in electronic form, our Publishing House, upon this request, will provide the potential buyer with the contacts of the corresponding author.


Is it possible to place a monograph in private access (without the full PDF)?

Yes, we can place a monograph in private access, but the metadata (authors, publication title, abstract, keywords, content, bibliography) remain public.


Is an ISBN assigned to a monograph?

Printed editions of monographs must receive ISBN print, and electronic editions – ISBN e-book. If both versions of the publication are published simultaneously, each receives its own ISBN.


If I am the author of only one chapter, will it be counted as my scientific work?

Yes, the publication goes to your "scientific piggy bank" if you are listed in the publication as one of the authors.


As part of the collective monograph of 7 authors, who will be displayed on its cover?

If the team of authors consists of three people, all three authors are indicated on the cover.

If the number of authors is more than three, then it is indicated under whose edition the monograph is published.


How is the payment for the preparation and publication of the monograph carried out? By what principle is the financial share of participation of each author determined?

After the submission of the manuscript for the editorial review (stage I) and mandatory double-blind review, an advance payment is made (stage II). After successfully passing the review, an invoice is issued for payment for the preparation and publication of the monograph (stage III).

If there are more than one authors and everyone wants to pay for their part on their own, then the financial share of participation of each author is determined and approved by the team of authors. In this case, the team of authors makes a decision about the author-correspondent, who assumes the functions of the person responsible for the implementation of all clauses of the Publishing Agreement, and the financial share of each co-author is reflected in the Publishing Agreement on the basis of the Agreement signed by all authors.

Attention! The publisher does not take part in discussions and division of the authors' financial shares.

The Corresponding Author is responsible for monitoring and timely payment of payments from all authors.

The publisher proceeds to stage IV after the invoice has been paid in full. In case of violation of the terms or terms of payment by one of the authors (if the team of authors decided to pay the invoice based on the co-authors' equity participation), the Publisher does not proceed to stage IV and performs the following actions:

1. The prepayment made (stage II) is credited as payment for reviewing services.

2. The work on the monograph is terminated, and the paid contributions (shares) of the authors are returned, taking into account the deductions of the Publisher's expenses, or "frozen" for 30 calendar days in accordance with the Agreement. Upon the expiration of this period, if the payment has not been received in full, the paid payments (shares) of the authors are returned, taking into account the deductions of the expenses of the Publisher.


Is there a discount for a corresponding author (lead author, organize...)?

Financial loyalty on the part of the Publisher to the corresponding author is not provided. It should be noted that the author, who leads not only organizational issues, but also editorial ones, can be listed as "Edited by SURNAME", for example, "Edited by Professor I. Chugunov."


How and where will the intellectual share of the participation of each author in the preparation of the manuscript be determined and indicated?

The intellectual share of each author's participation is determined and approved by the team of authors.

The intellectual share of each author's participation is indicated in the License Agreement and in the monograph in the Authors section, specifying which part of the manuscript each author worked on.

The publisher does not participate in the determination of the intellectual share of each author and copyright disputes. The publisher adheres to the COPE policy, we recommend that you read


How does the procedure for signing the Publishing Agreement take place?

Option 1. The publishing agreement is sent by mail to the corresponding author. The contract must be signed by each author.

Option 2. The publishing agreement can be signed with an electronic digital signature in the «Вчасно» system. We will send additional instructions on how to obtain an EDS free of charge.

Option 3. For foreign authors who are outside Ukraine, the publishing house meets halfway and allows to send a signed scanned agreement by e-mail.


In what language is the package of documents submitted if the author or group of authors is not from Ukraine?

All accompanying documents are submitted in English. The Publishing Agreement and the License Agreement are provided by the Publisher in Ukrainian/English languages.


Are materials / chapters in Ukrainian / Russian accepted for publication of the monograph in Scopus?

Our publishing house accepts materials in English / Ukrainian / Russian. But we publish monographs ONLY in English.


Requirements for the total volume of the monograph?

1) According to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated September 23, 2019 No. 1220 "Requirements for a published monograph, submitted for the degree of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences", the monograph has a volume of at least:

– to obtain the degree of Doctor of Humanities or Social Sciences – 15 author's sheets (i.e. 333 pages of 1800 characters with spaces);

– to obtain the degree of Doctor in natural or technical sciences – 10 author's sheets (i.e. 222 pages of 1800 characters with spaces);

– to obtain the degree of Candidate of Humanitarian or Social sciences – 8 author's sheets (i.e. 178 pages of 1800 characters with spaces);

– for obtaining a scientific degree of Candidate of Natural or Technical sciences – 6 author's sheets (i.e. 133 pages of 1800 characters with spaces);

2) Each university has its own internal regulations on the requirements for the publication of a monograph. For example, Lviv Polytechnic National University requires at least 8 copyright sheets (i.e. 178 pages of the manuscript with 1800 characters with spaces) from its scientific papers, Odessa National University of Economics – at least 10 registration and publishing sheets (i.e. 222 pages of 1800 characters with spaces of the manuscript and technical information of the publishing house), and National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine relies on the orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Thus, our publishing house does not have specific restrictions on the volume of the publication, but the author should pay attention to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and your own institution.

We note that according to the internal policy of the publishing house PC TECHNOLOGY CENTER, the minimum volume of a manuscript is 200 pages of 2000 characters with spaces.


What is the minimum volume of a manuscript?

The minimum volume of a manuscript is 200 author's A4 pages, Times New Roman font, 14 pt, line spacing 1.

For information: one author's A4 page contains on average 2000 characters with spaces.


Does the total cost of a publication change if the number of pages exceeds the minimum required 200?

Yes, if the number of pages increases, so does the cost of the publication. This is calculated individually after the submission of the manuscript before the signing of the Publishing Agreement.


How many reviews should a manuscript have?

In addition to 2 reviews from your reviewers and 1 recommendation from the Institution, your manuscript will certainly be additionally reviewed by at least one of our reviewers, who is/are a specialist/s in this subject area.


Is the page composition of the manuscript a mandatory service of the publisher?

The page composition of the monograph is carried out exclusively by the publishing house.


Is it obligatory to check the text if the manuscript is already submitted in English? What is the price difference between translation and verification of the translated text?

When submitting a manuscript in English, a professional proofreading of the text is mandatory. The difference in price between professional translation and proofreading is approximately 50%.


How and where can one find references to literature for a monograph?

Literature references indicate the sources that were used in the preparation and writing of the manuscript. Such sources, besides your own publications, can be found in any scientometric databases, repositories, libraries, for example: CrossRef, ScienceDirect, DOAJ, ICI World of Journals, Worldcat and others.


What are the requirements for a list of references? How much does it cost to complete or check the design of one source?

The list of references is drawn up according to the international APA standard

The cost of the monograph of the minimum required volume already includes the design by the publishing house for up to 200 sources.

The cost of registration of each additional source is included in the cost of an additional page.