General information

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  • The submission is not plagiarism
  • All the authors are included in the list of coauthors of the manuscript
  • Took into account all the requirements of section «Author Guidelines» 

Features of publishing a monograph in electronic form

When a monograph is published in electronic form, the work is published in the form of a print-layout in PDF format, has all the necessary initial data (ISBN (on-line), author's mark, QR code with a link to the personal page of the book).
The main "plus" of the monograph in electronic form is its availability from any part of the world, that is, coverage of the audience all over the world and indexing by scientific resources of the world, is an important contribution to the rating of a scientist. However, such a monograph does not have "presentational" properties – it can be presented to colleagues or to your supervisor.
Information about the monograph is posted on the website of our publishing house and is indexed  in many scientific world resources (scientometric databases, repositories, libraries). This will allow to display relevant links to the text of the monograph in search results through Google and other systems, which will have a positive impact on your citation index.

Features of publishing a monograph in a combined version (print + electronic)

When a monograph is published in a printed form, the work is performed both in electronic form as a print layout in PDF format, and in an identical printed version issued by a typographic method. Both editions are identical and have all the necessary initial data (ISBN (on-line), ISBN (print), author's mark, QR code with a link to the personal page of the book).
If you choose to produce a printed version, either separately or in combination with an electronic version, you will receive the entire circulation of the printed edition, with the exception of 13 copies, which are sent to the libraries of Ukraine as a mandatory mailing.
A monograph, published in print and electronic form, has all the advantages of an electronic edition, while the printed version of the publication can be presented to colleagues or partners or management.

Availability of reviewers

Since the monograph belongs to peer-reviewed scientific editions, its publication requires the recommendation of two or three reviewers and the recommendation of the academic council of the university. Reviewers must have an academic degree in the scientific specialty within which the monograph is being prepared, or be experienced practitioners on the subject of the monograph, who can qualify to assess its practical significance. Recommendations prepared by two reviewers are submitted to the publisher. But regardless of whether the monograph is also necessarily peer-reviewed on the basis of double-blind peer review by outside experts. After successfully passing the review, information about the reviewers, along with their scientific regalia, are indicated in the imprint of the publication on the second page.